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May 4, 2021: All normals used in xmACIS are now for the period 1991-2020.

November 20, 2020: The SCAN dataset has been removed from ACIS products due to data quality issues. TSCAN is still available.

June 15, 2020: ThreadEx Phase 5 sites have been added to station lists.

February 26, 2020: A bug in the Almanac product for leap day records has been fixed.

May 15, 2019: ThreadEx Phase 4 sites have been added to station lists.

January 25, 2018: A new tool has been developed to compare the data in the ACIS database to that in GHCN-Daily. This allows users to do things like see the quality flags attached to values in GHCN-Daily that (due to failed quality control) display as missing in ACIS. The tool is available at